Vacation Rental Management

Whether you’re looking for the investment property or you would like to earn more from your existing property; IMD Miami will be the right partner for you. We’ve started this business as we couldn’t be able to find the partners in our investment journey. Thus, we experienced both investor side and customer side.

IMD Miami offers an inspection to the property to do the preliminary work. We check if the property is eligible for the vacation rental legally, then we prepare a detailed analysis and feasibility reports for the estimated revenue and other details. When we agree on terms, we present our contract to be signed.

If it is legally eligible, but not in the condition for the vacation rental business. We present you our design services. If it is ready to be listed in the existing condition, then we’re ready to make money. 

Hands-On and Stress-Free Management Model

Listing Support

We list your space through online marketing platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, Home Away, Booking, Expedia, Flipkey and more. We use these channels strategically to achieve the occupancy and rate we are targeting.

Check In&Check Out

We believe the warmness of the personal welcome. It is our tradition to welcome the guests in person if not preferred otherwise. Check out is the part of guest’s experience as well, our aim is to create an impeccable journey for the guests.

Marketing Through Channels

We promote the property through our online reservation platforms and our company channels and reach more potential customers.


We prefer to present our reporting face to face with regular meetings if possible. We do transparent reporting on monthly basis and always in touch with the property owners.

Back-up Insurance

We offer stress-free management with additional general liability insurance. It is one time fee to cover.

Customer Relations&Guest Services

We offer outstanding guest services, our overall guest rating is above 4.8 out of 5. We care about customer loyalty and want every one of our guests to have the greatest experience in our properties.


We aim to be spotless in our properties, cleaning is one of the most important parts of guest experience. A speck of dirt can create negative customer feedback. Our team is the best in the cleaning.


Pricing is our expertise. IMD Miami does not use any automation or online platform for pricing. In IMD Miami, we do it in person. We strategically consider all the performance indicators and data to decide the pricing and we do it dynamically like several times a day. That’s the point we make the difference. We make more profit that the competitors and achieve extraordinary occupancy rates.

Emergency Support

If we experience any emergency situation such as lock downs, smoke detectors working and any kind of emergency; we handle the crisis till everything settle down. We do real time reporting in these situations and cooperate with the buildings management.

Marketing Channels